Sunset Beach Fishing Charters has put together a tutorial on how to tie a rig that is proven to catch bull red drum in the Carolinas.  Often when I am out fishing I see recreational fishermen and women using rigs that could be tweaked/improved to catch more fish.  In the video below you will learn how to tie the rig I use everyday that I fish for these big fish.  Below are the components needed to make this rig.

a.   Eagle Claw Trokar Lancelet Circle Hooks – I use 8/0 and 9/0 when tying my rigs.  It’s always good to have two sizes to match the varying sizes of bait.

b.   80 LB Fluorocarbon Line – I use 80 lb for several reasons: 1. Its strong enough to handle hookups near structure where red drum typically hangout. 2.  It’s stiff enough to reduce twisting with your main line.

c.   Plastic Beads – I use two colors but, you can experiment with your own combinations to see what works best for you.

d.   Crimping Sleeves – You will need 2 per rig.

e.   Barrel Swivel – I use the 80-100 pound sizes because, these fish are just tough fish and you don’t want inferior tackle.  From my experience, larger swivels do not reduce the number of hookups.

f.    Egg Sinker – For my area I use 3 and 4 ounce.


An extra tip: Hang these rigs by the hook, so the egg sinker will pull down and keep the fluorocarbon straight.


I hope this helps y’all catch more fish! Drop me an email if you have questions or pictures of fish you caught with this rig that you’d like to share.